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Kickflip-There are two different ways Kick your toe right off the edge of the nose and catch it wtih your back foot. Mob or push down on the boards edge anywhere from the middle to the nose

Shuv-It- Regular Kick back with your back foot. Frontside kick your back foot forward To do more than just a shuv-it do not catch it after the first spin

Varial Flip- Do a pop shuv-it with your back foot and a kicflip or heelflip with your front foot at the same time

360 Flip- Jump on to the board set up to do a varial flip. Kick the tail harder so that it does a 360, also jump in a forward direction and that should help it spin alot easier.

Handflips- Get a big bounce and grab the board like an indy then you flip it towards yourself....These can be done with a lot of standard tricks

Method- Do a melon grab and pull back with your hand(tweaking the board backwards)and kick back with your legs on the board

Airwalk- Grab the nose and kick both your legs off the board as best as you can and bring them back down right before you land. Takes practice

Impossible- Get a high bounce but land your back foot farther back on the kick tail ..Right when you get high enough push the board down, get your front foot out of the way quickly, and try wrapping it around your back foot. Making it flip around your foot after it does a full rotation try sticking both feet on as quick as you can

No Footed Indy(Ryan's way)- Get a very nice bounce and grab indy kick both your legs straight out in front of as sson as possible..Hold it...Next the the difficult part once you have held try bringing it down in front of you just like a regular indy and stick the landing.Fun trick

Kickflip to indy- Learn to do high kickflips where you catch them with your feet..Now get a high kickflip and get your hand ready by the board and when it flips once grab it quickly After mastering this you will be able to add more than one kickflip

Shuv it to indy- very easy trick...Just do a shuv it a a regular speed and after a 180 spin grab it like an indy Easy

Late shuv-its- Jump on the board and go up with itWhen you start to go down kick your feet harder the way you would do a shuv it...After soem practice it should start spinning nicely like a regular shuv it